Friday, September 26, 2014

Slow Train: A Cancer Journey

"Tears are the perfect place for you to start healing.
Dealing with the dreaded diagnosis and planning your prognosis.
Ovarian cancer is not silent, there are signs and symptoms.
Don’t own cancer by saying “I have cancer” or “my cancer.”
Will you go the conventional or the alternative route?
There’s a difference between a good doctor and a great doctor.
The choices, challenges and changes of chemotherapy treatment.
Getting used to bald being beautiful and wearing a wig.
Life is like a movie and, temporarily, you may not be in it.
If you don’t have a wellness programme, you should create one.
Do you feel you fit the cancer profile?
On a cancer journey, you die to your old life and are born again.
Your recovery is individual, it won’t fit a schedule.
There are things family and friends should know.
Try to keep in touch with ‘Champs’, no matter what.
You’ll be showered with gifts from the Universe and friends.
You’ll be grateful "

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