Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is the Future and you can get it for free

This Is The Future is a novel about college, social media, relationships, and graduating with no job prospects. It’s free to download at:

We go to the place that sells massage chairs, and get confused on how to get them to start. The guy comes over and asks if we need help, and tells us how to turn them on. We sit on chairs across from one another; I almost forget to take off my shoes because it feels somehow wrong in a mall to do that.
“What does the chair feel like on your legs?” Jim asks.
“Squeezing gogurt.”
“Gogurt seems sexual.”
“Gogurt is gay yogurt.”
“Yogurt smoked weed and became gogurt.”

Jams and Jellies Free 7/30 and 7/31

FREE 7/30 and 7/31
Jams and Jellies: Preserving By The Pint In Minutes gives you the recipes you need to make small batches of delicious jams and jellies to enjoy yourself or give as gifts. With a jam and jelly maker and these recipes you can make delicious preserves quickly and easily with no guesswork.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nadia Newton

Nadia Newton is a London maid who will do whatever it takes to be free of her abusive husband. Even if this means stealing Princess Diana's Ring, assuming a new identity, and framing her husband in the process. Nadia Newton is an intricate gritty mystery with page turning suspense and high speed thrills. A combination of James Patterson's lightening fast pace with moments of Elmore Leonard's crazy sick dialogue. It's also a finely-crafted revenge story that comes of age with enough plot turns to get the reader's head spinning and wanting more.*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Fifty-six-year-old Opal is stuck in a miserable marriage and terrified of growing older alone. In a desperate move, she participates in an experimental procedure. But, things don’t go as expected and Opal wakes to find she’s biologically twenty three-years-old and her world has become a tangled mess of futuristic nano-technology, exciting romance, and terrifying danger. Her own family doesn’t recognize her and when a series of mysterious “accidents” start happening, it seems someone might want her dead too!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In a Matter of Speaking

In a Matter of Speaking

Neile Landry, a talented corporate interpreter, is forced to face her past fears and rethink her future plans as she is confronted with deception, threats to her life, and murder. When Neile’s wealthy employer dies in a suspicious car accident that also critically injures her co-worker and best friend, she forms an unlikely partnership with Scotsman Ewen Erskine, a recent business acquaintance. As secret plans for a global healthcare network are revealed, more deaths follow. Neile soon finds herself in a personal as well as professional relationship with Erskine as they work together in their efforts to uncover the truth about those who have fallen prey to foul play. Neile Landry will have to do whatever she must in order to stop a sociopath bent on the destruction of all she holds dear even if she is forced to forfeit her own life in the process.

Couponing 101 Guide for Beginners

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