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Last Name Unknown

Last Name Unknown: A Walking Disaster Mystery
Author: Danielle Real

Book Summary:
Addison Walker is a lot of things. Lucky isn’t one of them.
When she finds herself with a concussion and in dire need of help, Addison has no one to turn to but her unfortunate new neighbor, Kade (Last Name Unknown). She doesn’t know a thing about him, but that doesn’t stop Addison from being inexplicably drawn to the tall, dark, and dangerously sexy stranger.
But when her luck takes a turn for the worse and an attempt is made on her life, Addison finds herself on the run from unknown killers with no idea why. In sheer desperation, Addison reaches out to Kade, a man she barely knows and isn’t sure she can trust. Even though he’s just as mysterious and dangerous as those who want her dead, desperate times call for desperate measures.
In less than forty-eight hours Addison’s uneventful existence turns into one full of dodging bullets, tiptoeing through creepy abandoned houses, and tripping over dead bodies all in an attempt to figure out who wants her dead and why.
Will Addison figure out the mystery of Kade and her assailants before her bad luck finally turns deadly?

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1980's Kid

Jade Heasley takes readers on a hilarious romp down memory lane in "1980s Kid." This book is a laugh out loud collection of the true stories of the schemes and scrapes of her childhood, brilliantly woven with a wildly funny commentary of the popular culture, fads, fashions, trends, and technology of the 1980s! What happens when a mostly good, but very creative little girl with a bratty streak dances on the line that separates good behavior and misbehavior? Find out for yourself in chapters like, "An Orange Squirt Gun and Angry Neighbors," "Creating a Not So Natural Disaster," and "A Shocking Trip to the Mall." In a writing style that's both refreshing and unique, this book will keep you thoroughly entertained from start to finish! Whether you experienced the 1980s for yourself or wish you had, this is one memorable book that you don't want to miss!


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Linkage Book One in the Narrows of Time Series Free June 29th

Free Today: Linkage: Book 1 in the Narrows of Time Series:

Drew Ramsay’s legs are crushed but not his spirit despite a swarm of energy domes ravaging the surface of planet Earth. Millions are dead. The world is in chaos and his failed anti-gravity experiment may be the cause. With the help of his devoted foster brother, Lucas, the Ramsay brothers scramble to devise an ingenious plan to stop the annihilation of the human race, but soon learn that they’ve been maneuvered into the middle of a much larger saga--one where reality is measured on a sliding scale.

Nothing is as it appears to be, challenging their faith in science and each other. Will they live long enough to deploy their plan and save humanity, or will they surrender to certain death along with everyone else?

Beneath a riveting plot that will hold you in fascination is a fast-paced Sci-Fi thriller that will keep you reeling in anticipation.

Witness the tragedy and the triumph of the human spirit that is the story of . . . Linkage. Book #1 in the Narrows of Time Series.

Food Addiction

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FOOD ADDICTION, Conquering Your Addiction Successfully, How to Get out of the Clutches of Food Addiction by Petra Ortiz
Anyone can simply take a look around their neighborhood just to see that there are large numbers of people that are overweight, or obese, and the numbers are increasing. A lot of this is due to the fact that many are making unhealthy food choices and over time, they have become addicted to the foods that they are eating. The problem has become such an issue that it is the fodder for many talk shows and infomercials. How then, can this problem be solved permanently? Food Addiction: Conquering Your Addiction Successfully allows the listener to learn how one can get over their food addiction, one step at a time. It is not a process that should be rushed as that is a definite formula for a relapse.

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Late one night Doug King picks up a red-headed ghostly hitchhiker on Route 44 who passes a herpes virus called PseudoRabies to his daughter’s injured cat, Ponce De Leon. As the virus takes hold, Ponce begins to froth at the mouth and becomes filled with rage first savagely attacking Doug and then his wife:

"Three hours later Karen was lying in Doug's recliner watching Beaches crying and coughing, wondering when the Nyquil would kick in as she fell fast asleep. Ponce De Leon jumped on Karen’s neck and began mutilating her carotid. Karen opened her eyes screaming just as Ponce severed the artery and tore through the internal jugular. Blood began spraying and spurting through the air. Karen’s mouth filled with blood as she began to asphyxiate. Within three minutes the whites of her eyes engorged with dilated capillaries and bulged out of their sockets as she took her last gurgled breath. Ponce purred as he sipped from her neck.”

As his friends and neighbors are brutalized and slain, Doug decides to take matters into his own hands to destroy and contain this plague.

Suspenseful and at times utterly horrific, Immolation is a powerful horror tale that will obsess and possess your very soul.
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