Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Grumpy Monster

Grumpy Monster Takes a Walk: The Get Happy, Rainy Day Adventures of a Grouchy Rascal
Releases September 6th with a starting price of 99 cents! Pre-order now!
Do you know what makes a Monster really grumpy? Well, they don't like it when things don't go their way and there is nothing worse than a bright sunny shiny day when a monster has had hopes of playing and splashing in the rain. On this particular day, when Mister Monster wakes to find the sun shining his day is ruined! But later that morning, he looks out the window and see's dark clouds gathering in neighboring skies, and he does what any grumpy monster would do, he puts on his rain boots and starts off walking on the promise of miserable, gloomy weather.
What can an adorable, but grumpy monster teach your child about pouting and whining? Find out! What he discovers will make the grumpiest of monsters, smile Grumpy Monster Takes a walk, a children's book, has something for anyone has ever felt a wee bit cantankerous, had a bad day, or wanted to pout because things weren't going their way. Grumpy Monster Takes a Walk, is sure to please young and old alike with adorable illustrations, it's unique graphic compilation's, fun rhyming prose and a delightful and uplifting message.


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