Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Want a sweet book for your kindle? Try Take Up Your Bed and Walk!

“Take Up Your Bed and Walk” takes place in a town just outside of Atlanta and as with any small town the lives of the people in it intermingle to create joy, laughter, chaos, hurt, misunderstanding and inspiration.
It centers around Freewill Macedonia Baptist church goers who try and remain in faith though the pressures of everyday life seems to push them in less than faith-based directions.
Kim, Brittney and Monet, the main characters of the book, come together often to chat, gossip and vent. Each struggles with their own flaws as they navigate their day to day while trying to reconcile their past hurts.
As the book proceeds, we learn just how entangled everyone is in each other’s lives from past and present involvements.
You’ll get a bit of everything in this book, comedy, secrets, lies, scandals, deception, heartache, longing, sorrow, and joy which all comes to a head at, where else, a BBQ

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