Saturday, December 13, 2014

Today's Sweet Kindle Find is The Gospel of Sophia, It's Free for a Limited Time!

Free Promo on Kindle, grab your free copy now.
If you enjoy the book, consider the print version as it has a ton of extra information and bonus features. Makes the perfect gift!
The Gospel of Sophia is more than a book. It is a personal experience that will awaken your supersensible organs of perception and take you to a place beyond time and space. Never before has one book revealed so much about the Divine Feminine Trinity. Find your way back to the goddess.

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Book Reviews:
I just started your book and so far....I love it.  I have to tell you that I had a profound shamanic journey that included meeting Sophia....sitting on her throne in heaven beside Yahweh.  POWERFUL!    L.S.

Within a day of receiving the book, I was swirled into an amazing synchronistic chain of events that could only be explained by what I perceive as the magical energy emanating from the book. 
M. M.

Just holding the package, which arrived in today’s mail, I could feel that there was spiritual manna inside, true spiritual nourishment.  My wife and I have decided to study the book together.   B. L.

Each sentence has such profound meaning that you have to take each sentence into your being before reading the next.  It is like being in a spiritual shower of sparks.  J.B.

I am truly getting great benefit from the book. I am reading through and keeping notes in a reflection diary.  This could have a workbook! I haven’t realized HOW prevalent She is in my life.  K.T.

Thank you for the sigal!  I have reduced and copied it and affixed it to the back cover of the book.. Immediately upon doing so, I felt a wonderful feeling emanating from the book!  It is as if it is ...cleansed from the impurity and filth of the world.  Brilliant!  :-)  D.R.

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