Thursday, January 22, 2015

This small Kentucky town was peaceful, even boring, until the first murder shakes its foundation.

Kate Jenkins works as a waitress in the local diner. She despises her boring life and her abusive ex-boyfriend, Tommy, who still can’t accept that she is no longer his property. She longs to escape her small town prison.

Then one day a handsome stranger named Zack shows up at the diner and everything changes. It doesn’t take long for Zack and Kate to fall in love. It also doesn’t take long for Tommy to notice. He will do anything to get Kate back, no matter what the cost – even murder. Who will have to die before Kate and Zack can be together?

Six years pass. The town heals and begins to forget. Then late one night, the cycle begins again when a mother and father are murdered in their bed, and their little girl narrowly escapes.

No suspects or motive, the small town rookie sheriff struggles with the case. FBI Agent Tina Simpson arrives in town to assist with the investigation. But, she soon finds herself in a shootout with the killers, desperate to finish the job by kidnapping the little girl.

How many more will die this time?

They finally make some progress on the case. Just when they think the case might be solved, the sheriff and his wife find themselves faced with a parent’s worst nightmare…

Find out what happens in this murder mystery that spans two generations. 

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