Thursday, January 15, 2015

Who Are the Fear Fighters? Find Out Here!

Devin has normal fears of anyone his age; the dark and animals. He has trouble facing his fears. After a class field trip to the zoo and getting made fun of by the class bullies one day, Devin gets dared to come back to the zoo that night to prove he isn't scared! After bluffing, and saying that he didn't have fears, Devin and, his best friend, Aiden go on a wild, heart-pumping adventure and along the way face fears, make new friends, and experience an adrenaline surging night that ultimately changes their lives forever! From author, Bradford W. Scripps comes an exciting and good-feel story that introduces a new children's brand that represents helping your kids face their fears. Kids learn that family and friends are always there for support! Help your kids make NEW friends with The Fear Fighters characters by buying this special first edition book!
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