Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Girl Who Sang With Whales Promo Begins July 4th! Great Savings.

The Girl Who Sang With Whales

Zhialeiana has an astonishing gift of song. She can sing the unique songs of the mighty and magical creatures of the World-Sea. She can touch their souls. When her gift is discovered at her mother's funeral, the current of her life begins to sweep her to a future that she could never have imagined. She must navigate both opportunity and danger, and lay her life on the line for the Whales she loves. But Zhialeiana also has a toxic secret - a secret that will force her to undertake a journey beyond faith, beyond all hope, and beyond the World-Sea.

Lyrical, magical fantasy that will sweep you away to a richly imagined ocean world where danger lurks beneath every wave.

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