Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Gifted Soul

I found a unique an amazing story on Amazon today and it is free right now. When a girl with psychic powers, including the ability to read people's auras, is discovered at a local high school, she is ripped away from her life and sent away to a special institution for people like her. The adventure continues from there and readers of all ages will delight in following the story. Below is the summary of the story and the links to where you can get this wonderful story. 

Every year during October the American government administers the annual Psychic Sweep Test throughout the country’s schools. The Sweep is to find the ones known as gifted among the mundane humans. Sophie Walters has been keeping her secret for ten years purposely failing the Sweep, but she is finally outed by a random boy walking the halls during the test, who turns out to be a gifted himself. Sophie is dragged out of her old life and away from her two best friends Ian, and Cassie who don’t know what to think about Sophie keeping her gifted status a secret, and thrown into the world she had been avoiding for five years.

Sophie expects to find herself at one of the many psychic institutes, but instead she finds herself at the first Psychic Academy in the United States. The headmaster of which sets Sophie up in a special research group to help further the understanding of the abilities of ghosts, and the gifted that can see them, but as Sophie helps the stranger things become. The boy that found her, Lyle, starts to act suspicious along with the headmaster. With her new friend Holt, and her old buddies they try to help Lyle only to find out things are much more complicated than they had expected.
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