Thursday, June 5, 2014

Return to Hillsville

Hi everyone! As many of you know, I often work to promote and support other authors when I come across books that truly stand out. This title is no exception, it is a must read through and through. The story is called Return to Hillsville and it is an amazing and gripping mystery that will have you hooked right from the beginning. Below is a summary of the story and the links to where you can find this great title. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did!

John and Sarah Twait are living the retirement life to its fullest.  Escaping death just weeks before their last day at the Hillsville Police Department the aging couple now has a different lookout on life.  Clambakes, and relaxing nights on the beach are penciled in for the couple’s foreseeable future.  The aging retired couple have a do nothing life, where coffee and beer are in perpetual rotation.  A relaxing atmosphere and an open afternoon make for a healthy relationship environment.  The harmony is slowly rebuilding in their blistering relationship and finally the Twaits may be honorable. 
The burning hot Bermuda sun has changed the pale Nebraska raised Sarah Twait into a gorgeous golden goddess and John Twait is loving every minute of it.  He would let nothing come between him and his cowgirl.  John, softened by the constant beer intake and lack of an alarm clock, continues his lust for women. Although he puts forth less effort to chase them, so long as Sarah remains by his side.  Intimacy and love has returned with a vengeance and the time could not be worse for an alarming phone call from back home. Hillsville Nebraska has a problem that only John Twait can solve.  Half-heartedly, he packs a bag to save an old friend.
  John and Sarah’s erotic wishes are on hold. They must take with them their rekindled love hoping the flame continues to burn in a cold Nebraskin winter.  Mike Yeager, John’s replacement as Hillsville Chief of Police, is in trouble.  The Twaits’ young friend is being held on the charge of first degree murder in the death of Rose Tiddle, John Twait’s former mistress.
 The evidence only leads to one prime suspect.  Micheal Yeagger has been demoted from Hillsville Police Chief to a common county jail thug.  With their friend's life in danger John reluctantly returns to Hillsville to save the day to continue his retirement.
Follow the former Chief as he tries to unweave a mystery woven in betrayal and deceit.

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