Sunday, June 29, 2014


Late one night Doug King picks up a red-headed ghostly hitchhiker on Route 44 who passes a herpes virus called PseudoRabies to his daughter’s injured cat, Ponce De Leon. As the virus takes hold, Ponce begins to froth at the mouth and becomes filled with rage first savagely attacking Doug and then his wife:

"Three hours later Karen was lying in Doug's recliner watching Beaches crying and coughing, wondering when the Nyquil would kick in as she fell fast asleep. Ponce De Leon jumped on Karen’s neck and began mutilating her carotid. Karen opened her eyes screaming just as Ponce severed the artery and tore through the internal jugular. Blood began spraying and spurting through the air. Karen’s mouth filled with blood as she began to asphyxiate. Within three minutes the whites of her eyes engorged with dilated capillaries and bulged out of their sockets as she took her last gurgled breath. Ponce purred as he sipped from her neck.”

As his friends and neighbors are brutalized and slain, Doug decides to take matters into his own hands to destroy and contain this plague.

Suspenseful and at times utterly horrific, Immolation is a powerful horror tale that will obsess and possess your very soul.
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