Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Carpenter

I found this book on Kindle recently, and let me tell you, the rave reviews are spot on with this one! This book captures your attention right from the start as it begins with the discovery of what appears to be a shipment of heroin that has washed up on the beach. Soon the police realize that this is not drugs at all, but it is in actuality one of the deadliest poisons in the world. This toxic substance is all neatly packaged in tight little vials and one of which appears to be missing! I won't spoil anymore of the story for you, as you will want to experience it for yourself, but I will tell you that once I started reading I couldn't put this book down. Plus I spoke with the author, who was gracious enough to answer some interview questions. Please enjoy reading the interview below followed by some of the great reviews this book has already received!

1.     Why do you feel you had to write THE CARPENTER?

I have been a writer hiding from the passion that burned for many years as I had to be a provider for my family. I became an empire builder making millions along the way and losing it to two divorces, the Great Recession, bad debts, the stock market plunge, medical issues, failed businesses and lost jobs. Writing the book was cathartic and challenged my right side brain to new highs. I didn’t do it for the money rather for the thrill of the chase.

2.     From where do you get your ideas?

Real life, everyday people, and the twisted lives we lead and run from. We all have a story for a book. I have about seven. I know many people who tell me ”I could write a book,” and I ask them to share their story.

3.     Do you ever experience writer's block, and how do you overcome it?
Of course. We all do. I do a pattern break. Something fun or stupid. Go to the beach and kick some sand. Call a friend who inspires me.Listen to Mozart or Bach. Then I sit down and write and even though I drift into story telling and not story showing I have something I can work with.

4.     What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

GET A REAL CAREER! OK- Real advice-do not copy anyone’s voice simply because they are successful. If I see another fifty shades of anything I’ll puke. Find your genre, work your story line or premise, get organized, seek help from others who are successful, listen to everyone, follow no one. Your voice must be unique to you. Do not give up for if you do will have to find a real career.

5.     How do you market your work? Are some avenues more successful than others?
I use all of the social media, blogs, tours, email and so forth. It is time consuming taxing and not what I want to do however to monetize the book it is what I must do. I’m still trying to get handle on what works and what doesn’t. Get back to me in a year or two.

6.     If your book was made into a movie, who would play each role?

Eric James Donovan-the Carpenter- Kiefer Sutherland or Dennis Quaid
Samantha Angela Martino (Sami)Charlize Theron
Jimmy-the father of Eric Ed Asner
Duffy Conover-the project- Jack Nicholson
Alyssa- ex-wife of Duffy Jennifer Lawrence
Colbert Graves-the assistant to Duffy. David Hyde Pierce
Dirk Posie- photographer Christian Bale
Father Thomas O’Hurley - the priest Harrison Ford
Vanessa- the stripper girlfriend of Duffy Beyonce Knowles
Governor Bilkem- the corrupt governor of Florida Tom Selleck
Ed “Cobra” Mannarino- Eric’s best bud Johnny Depp
FDLE Special Agent Vincent (Van) Vannicola- The gritty investigator assigned to the case Tom Hanks

"Max Myllan's, The Carpenter, shows the intricate artistry of crisp storytelling and eloquent character development. Myllan is compelling in his authentic details where morality collide with the darkness of this world in a quest of survival, similar to how  Pat Conroy's writing explores dark emotions." KP

"Wow! A lot of twists and head scratching! Good job! I didn't see the story ending that way." JS

" A good book can pull you into it's pages, it's as if you are right there in the midst of what is transpiring, a good book brings the characters to life, you walk away feeling as if you have met them personally, a good book is filled with information that educates you and a good book mesmerizes you as it's story line surprises you with twists and turns throughout. The Carpenter contains all of the above and there is no doubt about it, one day your name will be right up there among the greats: Patterson, Robb, Kellerman SP

The carpenter is a definite page-flipper." SA

"If you enjoy fast-moving, military/crime thrillers with philosophical undertones and momentous revelations, consider The Carpenter a must-read." CH
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