Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Willow Tree

The Willow Tree by Bekki Pate

A fresh dark horror story -I heard the snap of their jaws, the click and scrape of their fingernails on the cold, metal door. They were angry, impatient and hungry.
Their loud, tortured screams pierced the otherwise quiet corridor; there was no one left now. No one left, except me.

Nick Jenkins cannot sleep. He drinks too much. All he can think about is her, and the night she disappeared. He is being taunted by her face, by those creatures who keep wearing it, mocking him.
He is close, so close, but he is not the only one looking for her.
Who will get to her first? And if he finds her, will she be the same as he remembered?

This book is in the running to become published via Britain's Next Bestseller - I need 250 pre-orders in order to gain my publication - please see below for details - thank you! Anyone who pre-orders will not have to pay until September, and it comes with a free bookmark and other offers on the website!

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