Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Broken Sky

Broken Sky – Book Benefits Charity

Under the glassy, dark pallor of a Manhattan sky, deep within the fall, Madison Avenue is teeming with people. Commuters and shoppers scurry past like frenzied ants, paying no attention to a woman who has been sitting there loitering for months on end. They pass her by paying no attention to the vacant stare and sullen expression wrapped around her worn features. She has no name. She is homeless, wandering the streets and denying any memory of the past and any hope for the future.

Though she finds no hope amongst the throng of uncaring faces around her, she is sat there for a very careful and deliberate purpose. One that will bring her closer to the daughter she left behind years ago and which at the same time will place both of their lives in mortal danger.

Selected for the 2014 London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.

Part proceeds of "Broken Sky" benefit the charities Shelter, Big Issue and PATH (Los Angeles).

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