Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Britannia Conspiracy

Britain has produced its fair share of heroes who’ve fought bravely to protect and defend their great nation. Boudicca was one of the first, a fierce warrior-queen who, in AD 61, united Britain’s tribes, and led them to glorious victories over the occupying Roman armies. During these great battles her hordes mercilessly killed around 100,000 legionaries and hung, burned or crucified their prisoners. Two thousand years later, those same Roman soldiers are back, emerging from their graves with an insatiable desire for vengeance, and a ravenous thirst for blood

When traditional weapons fail to destroy them, a new generation of heroes must rise and step forward; ordinary people, with extraordinary skills, willing to risk their lives in a battle against the living and the dead. They have just hours to uncover a secret that has been hidden for nearly two millennia, and recover the one relic that can send this invincible zombie army back to hell. If they fail, they will be the last heroes Britain will ever have, because the nation’s history will come to a devastating and cataclysmic end.

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