Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Titans, Humans and the Beasts

Everything born can be killed. So what happens to someone who was not born but came to be?

Thousands of years of tyranny in the four worlds led to a war that freed humans, placed new kings on the thrones of titans, and forged peace between the species. But the war also gave them what some called the greatest threat and others loved, a child. Twenty five years later, peace is threatened as ancient creatures reemerge, evolved and in greater numbers, the seven tyrant kings and queens plot, in secrecy, to regain their thrones, and quarrels for power in the human kingdoms and those of titans weaken their defenses and abilities to perceive outside threats. On top of that, mixed breeds, creatures of titan and human blood, raised in the coldest and the hottest regions of Earth, feeling somewhat not in their element here, but not accepted in the Realms of Titans, must choose their path. And, the child with no birth, now a grown titan, being forced to repress its own power since day one, must fight to not be controlled by the destructive face of its power while also outsmarting and surviving the attempts on its life. The book was inspired by several mythologies of the ancient world as well as by the diversity and multiculturalism of today's world.
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